Those slick finned critters…

by Ryan M


ice-manHello people of the internet. I have been fortunate enough to have recently stumbled upon the hobby, no… I’ll call it the lifestyle, of fly fishing. It’s so much more than a hobby, in my case it’s a bit of an obsession, if we’re going to be honest here. And I’m okay with that. Life can be tricky, and there’s a lot of really depressing things out there that we have to deal with, so I’m happy to find something to obsess over that brings me such joy on a day-to-day basis. When I’m not on the river in pursuit of the various species in the family of Salmonidae, (trout, char, and salmon that will from here on out be known as the Slick Fins) then I’m tying flies, reading fly fishing books, watching fly fishing videos… basically just digesting as much about fly fishing as I can cram into my brain.

This blog will be an insight into my adventures and musings. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe get the itch to wet a line and go after some Slick Fins yourself. The world is a lot easier to deal with when you allot enough time for fly fishing. I’m convinced of it. Stay tuned.

(Photo: the fish that nearly broke my leg and gave me hypothermia. Story to come. Taken by Luis Hernandez)